Sunday, February 20, 2011

Up the Stairs

This is what passes for excitement in our household these days -- Mudpuppy learning to climb up the stairs:

Yeah, we see that mischievous grin, mister. He eventually made it to the top of the stairs, closely spotted by the entire rest of the family. Now for a gate....

And for good measure, here is the same boy with one of the many grocery store clerks (well, a manager, actually) who knows him by name or calls him "Baby Smiles." Except he isn't so smiley when they pick him up! This woman at HyVee has two young kids of her own, so she loves to come over and say hi to all the babies and little kids. Actually, she was recently recognized at the national level for being the outstanding HyVee employee of the year -- everyone knows her.

We were stuck inside for the entire day due to the Snow-pocalypse, which, as usual, was not nearly as bad as predicted; just about a foot of really wet snow. It's like welcoming March early!