Friday, July 31, 2009

Back from 'Bama

Here is a post that I partially finished more than a month ago. Yes, it's been that busy!

Well, we're back from our vacation in Alabama (Fairhope, specifically) visiting S's parents. Actually, we got back a couple weeks ago, but we're finally unpacked enough to throw up a photo post. The short story: The trip was a pleasant diversion from our normal routine, full of swimming (at the pool or beach) and sausage. And more TV than the kids normally get in a month. In other words, the perfect vacation!

B and M are airplane veterans

M lost her first tooth before we left on this trip, but saved it and brought it on the trip in order to put it in Aunt A's special tooth fairy pillow.

One of the great parts of the vacation was spending time with all the cousins, including the kids long-lost cousins from Virginia. (OK, not long lost, but they haven't seen them in a couple years.)

Here are the boys playing in the water -- that's M to the left.

B fishing with Grandpa off the municipal pier. He got skunked this time, but caught a number of fish on a later outing.

J swimming with Aunt A.

M playing Scrabble with mom and dad. In a few years she will be beating the pants off us.

"Go away, already, mom and dad! Can't you see we're having fun eating with grandma and grandpa!?!"

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