Saturday, January 12, 2013

Selling hot chocolate

I was very skeptical about Jubilee Girl's plans to sell hot chocolate on a cold winter's skeptical that I let her and her friend (who shares her name) make the chocolate themselves by adding chocolate syrup to milk and warming it in the microwave. Didn't even bother to check the quality.

But lo and behold, apparently quite a few people are interested in some charitable (very charitable) patronage of a hot chocolate stand set up by a couple of seven-year-olds, because darned if they didn't make about $10 at $1 a pop. And those glasses were only a quarter full!

I was a little alarmed to see they were actually getting customers...especially when I learned they were planning to "wipe the rim" and re-use the cups between patrons! Ew! (Don't worry, I stepped in at that point.)

And here's a beautiful sight...a sleeping three-year-old: