Monday, March 03, 2014

Recital time!

Mouse and Bear had their annual recital the other night; what you will see is Bear playing with the string ensemble, followed by Mouse on flute; then, unfortunately, only a snippet of Bear's solo piece. I thought I was recording, but I wasn't! However, you get a sense of how far he has progressed. The pause toward the end of the song is written into the music, not an accidental hesitation.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

An abundance of snow days

We have had an overabundance of "snow days" this winter, which has been brutally cold; we are on pace to crack the top 10 for the most sub-zero days this winter. School cancellations due to wind chill advisories and snow and ice have kept us home more than usual. Here's what the kids got up to on a recent day off:

Jubilee Girl learned to boil water and make mac-n-cheese.

Alleluia Boy made Lego creations.

Jubilee Girl drew this: "5-Star family," it says.

Bear coded things on the computer that I didn't understand.

The boys played with their favorite toy, magnetic shape thingies, with their
(also off school) babysitter, Uyen.

Alleluia Boy had fun with an icicle--inside.

Yeah, I have no idea either.

Mouse coached Jubilee Girl through making lunch.
Alleluia Boy looking snazzy for dress-up day. "I took a picture of you!" he says after (that's
what he's doing with his hands.)