Monday, May 06, 2013

First Communion

Photos from Jaybird's First Communion:

Jaybird in the backyard, before heading off to Mass!

Note the leaves barely budding on the apple tree.  It's been a long winter.

The first communion children get to be hospitality ministers.  J's passing out programs.

Second row from bottom, far right!

Jaybird and her good friend shared a first communion day!

There were more children receiving first communion--this is just from the 8:30am mass.

Jaybird and Fr. Jim, our pastor at Saint Mary's Parish.

A rare picture of the family, beside the church parking lot.  Thanks Mary F!

J made the cake, Mom made the icing.

We had a picnic that afternoon with pizza and watermelon (J's choice).  Grandma, Laurie, and Mary were there too.

It's always exciting when Grandma can visit!

Happy day! Or: How can I keep from swinging?  (cue groan)

It was a lovely day for Jaybird and those who love her.