Sunday, May 22, 2011

The new garden setup

I've been extra-busy gardening and landscaping this spring for some reason (maybe the long winter? the "break" we took from gardening last year?). So far, I've pulled out three large, overgrown, broken bushes from the front and side of the house, moved two other large evergreen bushes to the front of the house (to replace the two that were removed), moved all our raised beds, moved the playset to accommodate the new beds, built three new raised beds, moved a raspberry patch and a strawberry patch, created a new flower garden next to the deck (which includes a honeysuckle vine), sown nasturtiums and morning glories and moonflowers everywhere, and completely torn up the weedy, messy landscaping in the front of the house in order to make something more orderly out of it. Also, I built a canopy cover for the sandbox to shade it (since Mudpuppy loves playing in it so much) and repaired a broken gate to prevent Mr. Toddler from realizing his ambitions to kill himself on Sarnia Street.

The resulting layout for our vegetable garden will allow me to water the entire garden with just three soaker hoses. Also, it moves the whole garden into the sunnier part of the lawn, which should improve production:

The L-shaped bed contains tomato plants; the straight bed in the foreground
contains tomatoes, basil, cantaloupe, peas, and cucumbers; the straight bed
in the background contains lettuce and other greens, carrots, peppers. radishes,
and sugar snap peas. The space between the two large bushes is the new
flower garden. You can barely see the new sandbox canopy right in front
of our neighbor's deck.
Jaybird planting peas with a friend.