Thursday, May 05, 2011

Mouse learns to paint!

For her birthday, we set up Mouse to take art "lessons" with a local artist who attends our parish, Julia Crozier. I put lessons in quotes because it's really more informal than that. So this past Tuesday, I took Mouse down to Blue Heron Gallery, where she spent two happy hours learning about professional water coloring; she also drew a very nice picture of some chicks hatching from eggs on a black background, I think using pastels. Anyway, Julia taught her a few basic water coloring techniques -- like the difference between a dry wash and a wet wash, overlayering, how not to overwork the paint, etc., and Mouse got a very good start on a painting of a frozen pond.

She'll reconnect for more sessions with Julia in a month or so (Julia is going out of town for a while). Not sure where this will lead for mouse, but at least for the time being, she's having fun exploring an interest of hers. She gets out her paper and pencil sketch book and practices almost every day!