Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Things Mudpuppy Can Do

Walking! Mudpuppy is loving walking now. Here, he's walking all the way down the block from the Dan Corcoran House to the Bethany House. Took about ten minutes, but he didn't want to stop -- threw a bit of a fit when we brought him in. He has also been walking through the grocery store; he is pretty good about not touching things when I say, "Stop!"

Now that the weather is finally warmer, he has also enjoyed walking all through the yard, exploring different things. A lot of times he just seems focused on walking, though -- he likes going up and down steps, and trying out different surfaces. Walking across our very uneven lawn is quite an accomplishment for him.

" that you ask, I'm really not sure what the meaning of life is!"
Smiling! Sorry to bring this up again, but we get MORE COMMENTS on his smiley-ness -- it's really remarkable. Everywhere we go, people comment on it.