Sunday, May 29, 2011

May Display Day

Every May, the elementary classrooms at Bluffview have "May Display Day": the kids work on some sort of research project, and then prepare a presentation on their topic. Every kid has a booth and all the parents come and walk around the classrooms, seeing the different presentations.

This year, Bear did a presentation on the ancient Greeks; he had a model Parthenon, along with a very good (and funny) prepared speech about the ancient Greeks. Other kids in the upper elementary classrooms did presentations on tornadoes, the Kennedys, Judy Garland, and the Egyptian gods, to name a few.

Here are Mouse and her good friend displaying the book they created. It's a collection of stories about Little Ant, a character they created with a third friend way back in first grade during a creative writing exercise. We've been hearing about Little Ant ever since -- as has the rest of the classroom. Mouse and her two friends formed "the Ant Club" and wrote dozens and dozens of stories about Little Ant and his family and sidekicks (including Uncle Larry). Little Ant has become something of a legend in this classroom; they even got their classmates to write little reviews on the back cover ("fantastic-ant!"). Alas, the book is going to be a gift to their teacher's newborn twins.

And here is Mudpuppy, displaying his agility with stacking blocks.