Thursday, May 19, 2011

So what is up with that adoption thing, anyway?

So it's been a while since we brought up the adoption...which may leave you wondering whether we're still pursuing it, and if so, what is going on?

This is going to be very simple: Yes, we're still pursuing the adoption. What is going on? We're waiting for the sale of one of our websites to go through so we will have the money we need to clear some small debts and pay for the home study. The president of a major publishing company told us they were going to submit a bid...two and a half weeks ago. Heard from them again last Friday that they're still interested, and still planning on submitting that bid, but nothing since.

So, if you want to lob a few prayers our way, you can pray that that situation resolves itself one way or another.

As you can imagine, the suspense is frustrating. On the upside, I'm getting lots of much-needed practice in patience.

More updates once something interesting happens.