Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mudpuppy on the go

Mudpuppy has definitely entered the toddler stage, despite the fact that he doesn't actually toddle. What he does do is:

  • investigate everything within his reach, which is a surprisingly large swath of territory, considering;
  • test everything he can grab to see whether it comes apart, or whether there are things in it that will come out, or whether he can pull it down;
  • protest very loudly if anyone presumes to take anything away from him.
His favorite foods are bananas, yogurt, applesauce, and raisin bread. When he is done eating, he begins throwing all his food on the floor, an annoying habit that all the kids went through. It's a stage I won't be sad to see depart.

He has been enjoying going to ECFE. Here he is with one of the early childhood assistants -- the same one who worked with Mouse and Jaybird when they attended ECFE.

"Who are you, and what do you want with MY stacking cups?"

It has warmed up very suddenly. Just a few days ago, 10 degrees seemed warm; as I write, it is 41 degrees outside. At this rate all the snow will be gone before the President's Day holiday, which would be sad because the kids need something to entertain them on their day off. (Why do we send kids home from school on these major civic holidays? They learn nothing about the presidents or MLK at home!)

An advantage of warmer weather would be -- not having to bundle up the baby three times a day to take kids to and from school, and to run errands. Doesn't he look uncomfortable in his car seat? Actually I guess he doesn't in this picture, but generally he hates getting into it, and I can't blame him. I think it was 0 degrees when I took this picture.

Now here's a better way to travel! Tucked away under dad's coat in a sling. I took him over to Kwik Trip this way. We got quite a few funny looks. And all the employees came over to the counter to say hello to him -- who could resist, with that smile?