Monday, February 21, 2011

The Silly Dance

"The Silly Dance" is a tradition that I started with Jaybird a few months ago when we first started working on her self-control using the Nurtured Heart approach. After waiting for her to calm down from a tantrum for more than an hour, we celebrated by doing a little dance that somehow came to be known as "The Silly Dance." Now it is one of her favorite things to do, which is unfortunate, since it is quite the aerobic workout. It basically involves lifting her up and swinging her around in ways that makes mothers everywhere gasp. (Starling just doesn't watch.) Of course, Jaybird loves it, as does Mouse, who sometimes gets one. There's a song that goes with the dance. No, I am not going to sing it for you. But here are the words, more or less, for the benefit of posterity:

Oh! Come on all you uncles and aunts!
Put down your sword and lance!
Put on your shoes, put on your pants!
Let's go to France, the land of romance
to do the silly dance!
We'll kick up our heels and prance;
we won't give our home a second glance -- 
why should we, when we're going to France?
It's the land of romance and EL - E - GANCE!
Hey, we're doing the silly dance!

The exact wording varies, since I am making it up on the spot while tossing around my 60-pound daughter, but you get the basic idea. What a bedtime routine we have.