Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The glory of naps

Every day around 11 a.m. I say a silent prayer of thanks to God for Mudpuppy's extra-long midday naps. Most days, he naps as long as three hours. Three hours! If I could somehow auction his nap time off to the stay-at-home moms at ECFE, we'd be rich!

Here Mudpuppy is waiting in the doctor's office
to get three shots. Doesn't he look oblivious?
He conked out in the car after that and slept
nearly four hours.

Most days, I lie down with him in my bed. We play a few games,
and then I take a short 20-minute nap. What wakes me up is
the realization that he is no longer kicking my back and making
"aboo!" noises.

Here he is after that doctor's visit. Once he is asleep, I move
himinto his bouncy chair, which goes into the kids' bedroom,
where it is nice and dark.

Once he wakes up, it's about time for the kids to come home --
just in time for a little afternoon snacky!