Monday, November 29, 2010

Setting up the "Advent tree"

After several years of doing an Advent tree, the kids pretty much expect it. Every year, they help Starling assemble the tree while I stand off to the side and watch. (Our compromise over buying an artificial tree involved her promise to take care of it. I get to take care of the live tree, if we ever get one.)

Yes, I finally relented to help with that saggy star.
Our Advent tree is sort of a compromise -- the tree goes up, but we're not celebrating Christmas for four weeks before it actually starts, because we leave it bare -- other than the star and a string of blue lights, and the Jesse tree ornaments that the kids make by hand. We add another string of lights every week, and another seven Jesse tree ornaments, and then decorate it fully on Christmas or Christmas Eve.

If you're not familiar with the Jesse tree and you have kids at home, it's a great way to educate them about the Old Testament, and its preparation for Christ. Google it online for ideas and patterns.