Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Your kid quote for today

I asked Bear to take Jaybird over to a friend's house several blocks away in the neighborhood. He took a manual kitchen timer with him. This is because every afternoon after school he has to spend 15 minutes practicing violin, 10 minutes playing with the baby (yes, this has to be mandated, or the kid gets ignored), and a certain amount of time outside before he can play his Nintendo DS. Apparently, he was timing his time helping Jaybird to make sure he didn't get cheated out of any credit for time spent with siblings.

The way I heard about this was when the neighbor (later on) said, "So, Bear was carrying a ticking kitchen timer with him when he dropped Jaybird off...." Apparently he didn't hang around to chat -- just said he was short on time and sprinted home.

10-year-old boys.

Then there's Jaybird, who yesterday had a major meltdown -- a real no-holds-barred fit -- after I insisted that she flush the toilet. (She'd been afraid of flushing it ever since she witnessed it overflowing.) Today, after school, she went into the bathroom, used it, then flushed. I wasn't going to say anything -- you never know what might send her off. But after standing in the kitchen with her hands on her hips for a few moments, she finally said, "Well! Don't I get a 'gratulations?!"