Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Everyone around here, it seems, is in the middle of writing a book.

I am working on the belly button book again, after a long hiatus.

Starling is in the early planning stages of writing her book called Theology of the Body: Extended.

Bear has been writing a book for the past few days about a boy who finds an ancient, magic, time-traveling gear. Shipwrecks at sea and underwater adventures are all part of the mix.

Mouse is writing a series--yes, a series--of four books about princesses, each named for a different season. Book 1 is called "The Princess of Spring," and it opens thusly: "April ran down the steps of her palace look-like-a-church and skidded across the marble-wood floor, grabbing a banner on the way. She SO did not want to be late for her first day of princess school (namely, A Shellington Proper Princess School, 108 Vine Road)." Nice beginning! (I'd quote Bear's here if I had it in front of me -- it's on another computer.)

And yesterday at the library, Jaybird learned to read "Book." She recognized the "boo" from Halloween and, with some help, put that together with the "k" sound. She has been going around practicing it ever since, writing it down again and again. I guess you could say that she's not writing one book, but many!

Little Mudpuppy is writing anything yet. Slacker.