Wednesday, December 01, 2010

"I made it one year."

Today we remember the anniversary of my sister's brush with death -- and of the week-long period of waiting and worrying that followed. At this point a year ago, we were truly unsure whether she would live (the odds seemed heavily stacked against it, since she'd been on CPR for forty-five minutes), and if she lived, whether she would be capable of being a mother and wife to her family. It would take more than a week for us to realize the miracle of her survival and near-complete recovery.

She reflects on this day last year at length in her blog:
Today as I stood outside holding Anna who is now a year old, waiting for Dennis to get the kids out of the car (they had just gone to the sledding hill), I thought to myself, "I'm standing here today. I'm standing here, holding my baby who is a year old, waiting for my husband and kids. I made it one year."
 We're glad you made it, Becky. Truly, let's use every moment as though it were more precious than gold....