Thursday, March 04, 2010

Back in school again

Jaybird started back at preschool again this week, thanks to a nice-sized tax rebate.... We were somewhat hesitant about sending her back, because she didn't really enjoy it too much last time around. In fact, she was pretty insistent about not going back this fall. But a couple weeks ago we visited her old classroom, and once she realized that all her old friends were there, she changed her mind about school. (She's super-shy, so transitioning into the classroom was always hard for her-- having familiar faces around has made it feel "safer," I think.)

She's going Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and so far, she absolutely loves it. I took a short clip after school on Wednesday:

She was even more excited and animated right after I picked her up. We'll say a little prayer that it continues to go well for her.