Monday, March 22, 2010

Kid Quotes: "I'm getting older faster than you think!"

This afternoon, Bear (our nine-year-old) was gently (and appropriately!) pushing back on some of the limitations we put on him. "I think I'm ready for more responsibility and privilege. Like I think I could be doing more to help around here. And then you could give me an allowance of $42."

When I laughed at that, he said: "Hey, I'm getting older faster than you think!" So true, so true.

And Jaybird has been REALLY enjoying the tagalong that we got from a friend. (This is a bike wheel and seat that you attach to an adult bike.) After being really quite scared during the first minute or two on it, she relaxed a little and said, "Hey, I think I'm beginning to really enjoy this thing! This is fun!" She wants to go bike riding with dad every day.