Saturday, March 06, 2010

Spring, at last

You can tell it is spring in Minnesota because....

a) All the snow has melted
b) The first dandelion is up
c) The robins are back
d) Everyone is outside acting like it's the middle of summer

Yes, the correct answer would be (d). We still have quite a lot of snow, any robins that may have wandered back are surely doomed, and we're months away from the first dandelion. But let it breach 40 and everyone comes pouring out of their houses to work on their cars or jog around the lake in shorts or (in the case of our kids) ride their bikes on the front sidewalk. That strong February sun does feel good, though.
After Mouse and Bear came back from confession, Mouse helped Jaybird learn how to ride a big kid's two-wheeler (with training wheels). I didn't get any video of her helping her little sister, but she was an excellent teacher -- patient, encouraging, supportive. Unfortunately, since Jaybird was up late last night (8:30) as a result of her "at home sleepover" (since Mouse was sleeping over at a friend's), things ended in a very nasty tantrum. But you can see her beginning to get the hang of it in this video: