Sunday, February 28, 2010

Disco fever!

So, last night our local Early Childhood Family Education PTA had its annual family dance fundraiser, and this year they went with a disco theme. Mouse and Jaybird danced, while Bear ran around with another boy his age. ("Why am I always the oldest kid at this thing?" he grouched. He is getting into his preteen persona, I guess.) There was a cupcake walk; each of the kids won a cupcake after a few tries. (Back when I was helping to organize this event, we rigged it so that it was easy to win.) Also, Starling regaled the kids with an interesting story about how she won seven cupcakes at a neighborhood block party in Panama, and sat down to eat them all at once, much to the horror of the adults on hand. (She only ended up eating four.) Then she had to explain to the kids why they couldn't also have four cupcakes in one sitting!
Here are some videos: