Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Future Olympians

Starling here.

The kids (esp. Bear and Mouse) have really gotten into the Olympics. We got to watch some of it while visiting their grandparents, and we've looked at a few videos online since then. After much internal debate, Bear has decided to train for snowboard halfpipe (a la Shaun White). He was also thinking about speed skating, but we suggested qualifying for one sport was hard enough. To that end, he created a mini-halfpipe on the sidewalk between our snowbanks. It's certainly innovative and worth a few hours of practice (he did learn how to do a 180!).

Mouse initially wanted to do snowboard cross, now seemed interested in figure skating, and did I mention all of them, even Jaybird, were interested in the luge? I mean, where the heck do you find a luge track anyway? For days, they practiced sledding like lugers down the snowhill across the street (parking lot snow. It's a lot safer than it sounds. And once again--creative!).

And they thoughtfully included Mudpuppy in the action by announcing he's got the gold medal in nursing sewn up. Indeed he does. He's 17 lbs 2 oz, as of his four month checkup.