Monday, March 14, 2011

A Wisconsin Dells vacation

At long last, here's some video and pictures from our three-day Wisconsin Dells vacation. The kids enjoyed themselves greatly.

By the way, this video mostly captures' the kids' funny reactions to the condo. (It wasn't significantly more than the hotel room, and we were able to cook our own meals.) If you want to see the kids in the water, skip to the last few minutes.

Bear and Mouse in the wave pool, battling waves up to five
feet high. I can imagine any self-respecting sailor asking why
anyone would pay for this experience....

Mudpuppy enjoyed hanging out in the kiddie area.

And he also conked out a few times.
After any vacation there is a lot of work to catch up on, plus we're unusually busy -- I'm trying to sell our websites while maintaining all of my other family and volunteer obligations. And we spent the weekend re-arranging the kids' rooms. And we had a good friend die recently. More on all this later.