Sunday, March 06, 2011

Meet the toddler!

This is a picture of a boy who has fully embraced his inner toddler, even though he isn't totally toddling yet. He spends his days getting into EVERYTHING. Destructo-kid -- pulling open drawers, pulling stuff off tables, pulling everything out of cabinets. And he's learned how to throw a bit of a tantrum, although in him, tantrums aren't much more than an over-sized fit. In the absence of speech, he has also learned how to whine.

On the word front, he is definitely saying book and alleluia, with a few other proto-words thrown in: dada for "dad," "ba" for "bear," "ma" for "mama," and so on. He also recently has learned to shake his head "no" when he is done eating something, or when we're offering something he doesn't want. For example, I can ask him (if he's in the sling) whether he wants to get down, and he'll immediately shake his head no. He has also learned to point downward to indicate he wants to get down (from his high chair, usually). All of which is very empowering for him and very helpful for us.

And, as you can see, he hasn't lost the cute smile!

Mudpuppy and mom reading a book -- a favorite pastime for him.