Saturday, March 26, 2011

Musical rooms

No, we haven't installed chimes in every room -- "musical rooms" is merely a reference to the task of switching around all three bedrooms in order to accommodate Mudpuppy, now that he is moving out of our bedroom. First we moved our office out of one of the bedrooms and back into our bedroom. This involved moving two computer workstations, a filing cabinet, drawers, three bookcases, and various other stuff. Next, we moved Bear's loft back into his old room (formerly the office) and bought a mattress for Mudpuppy to sleep on. Finally, we moved the furniture around in what is now exclusively the girls' room, so that they are no longer in front of the windows. Here are the results:

Mudpuppy gets to sleep on the mattress on
the floor.

Here's the girls' room, rearranged. It is not always nearly
this neat.