Sunday, March 06, 2011

Waiting for spring

As you can see, we are kind of tired of winter around here. The girls resorted to sidewalk chalking -- pictures of spring grass, flowers, butterflies, etc., along with sad faces next to snow flakes and the words "Go home, snow!"

Mouse and I ended up going sledding last weekend, though, and had a blast. We had the hill to ourselves, and went down together a few times. We got very silly, and also had a fun snowball fight. (Fun because no one got hit in the face.) She kept saying how much fun she had.

Here are some other random photos:

Watching television.

After-school snack time.

Mouse at her school's science fair, along with her friend,
who designed this cute leprechaun trap. We refused to
let Mouse team up with her friend on this project because
a) it's a science fair, not a mythological creatures fair,
and it seemed like a scientific project would be good; and
b) because her friend was doing all the work! Mouse ended
up demonstrating how to make an egg float by adding
salt to water. "Why is one egg floating and the other not?"
a teacher asked. "I have absolutely no idea," Mouse replies,
for the fun of it (we'd explained it to her).