Sunday, March 27, 2011

Things Mudpuppy can do

It's time for another update on things Mudpuppy can do -- and as you may have guessed from the above picture, kissing is on the list! He loves puckering up and giving a big smooch -- preferably on the lips! He thinks it's absolutely hilarious.

He is also walking independently more and more, although truthfully, he still relies heavily on cruising and crawling to get where he wants to go. We've watched him walk maybe ten feet or so on his own when he's "forced" to (like working with the early intervention specialist at ECFE), and he occasionally will voluntarily choose to walk three or four steps from one place to another, but only after thinking about it for a while.

He is also doing some sign language -- particularly the signs for "more" "down" "drink" and "banana." He also shakes his head "no" to refuse things. This has been a huge help, since he has gotten into the habit of whining loudly and insistently while reaching out whenever he wants something. The sign language has helped to cut down on that considerably. He also says several words out loud: night-night, more (in conjunction with the sign), sock, book, alleluia, and a few that I am not remembering at the moment. Oh, he also says "this" -- it's his name for pretty much everything. Not hard to figure out how he picked that up -- we're always asking him if he "wants this" or "Do you see this?"

At the grocery store he likes to help by examining items from his seat in the cart, and then throwing them on the floor. Lately he's been throwing them in the cart, too.

He is unusually observant, always watching what is going on. At Mass, he watches what is happening at the altar like an eagle for a good portion of the service. He lights up when people say things together (like the responses) or start to sing.

He recently discovered how to look out the windows, and
is fascinated to see the world outside. He'll point out there
and look at you and say, "This! This!"

An advantage of walking is that you can get to high stuff --
like the cereal your older sister left out!

Did I mention that he LOVES Life cereal???
(And cinnamon raisin bread!)