Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Picking backyard apples

The past week or so has been fairly busy -- we've been socializing, doing things at church, and HARVESTING. We got a nice ripe cantaloupe out of the garden -- a real treat, since we didn't plant any cantaloupe this season (it was a volunteer). And we also harvested all the apples on our two trees. Amazingly, there were still apples left to harvest. Last year, the squirrels stripped the trees clean.
Jaybird picking apples in our backyard.

Quite a haul! We filled a canvas bag with apples.

The last carrot.

Mudpuppy: Cuter than ever!
How did we keep squirrels from eating all our apples, you ask? I still think it's mostly luck, or lazy squirrels. However, we did surround the trees with chicken wire fencing, at the advice of the Bird Song store owner. We didn't stake the fence too firmly; apparently squirrels don't like it when things they're climbing move around too much. However, we did see squirrels in the trees even with the fencing. So we also added those metallic-looking toy pinwheels -- we hung a couple from the branches, so they'd blow in the wind. We also sprinkled coffee grounds all over the trees (apparently squirrels hate the smell.)

Now that we have successfully harvested apples, maybe we should look at growing peaches like my sister does: