Saturday, October 30, 2010

Montessori sharing night

It's been a busy few days. Thursday night was parent sharing night at the kids' Montessori school. Basically, the kids spend an hour showing their parents their favorite "works" -- the learning activities they're able to work on independently. It's usually fascinating to see what innovative tricks they have up their sleeves now. Mouse showed us some math work; Jaybird showed us the "movable alphabet," which she is really excited about these days, as well as a sand tray (copying letters and numbers in a tray of sand). Bear showed us his work on the Hebrew alphabet, as well as his math notebook. Here are some excerpts:

It's really quite amazing, every time, to see this unique learning environment: shelves full of well-planned and thought out learning tools; tables that encourage collaborative work; and when you walk in during their three-hour morning work time, a roomful of kids who have the discipline to work quietly -- either independently, or in collaboration with others. Or, sometimes helping a classmate who is struggling with a work. It's an amazing sight to see.