Friday, October 08, 2010

Mudpuppy turns one

Mudpuppy turned one year old yesterday! Here at GraceWatch, we had a very simple celebration: Out to dinner (the China King Buffet, of course), followed by cake and presents at home. Also, everyone gathered around him first thing in the morning as he was being changed on the diaper table and sang "Happy Birthday" to him. And the class at ECFE sang to him as well. He responded to all of it with his trademark smile.

One custom that we have in our family is to go around the table and tell why we're glad the birthday person was born and is a part of our family. Here are some of the responses:

Bear: "Because he is the answer to my prayer for a brother."
Mouse: "Because I can't imagine him in any other family."
Jaybird: "His giggles, his smiles, the way he plays with me...."
Jackrabbit: "All of the delight he has given to so many hundreds of people already, just by being him."

Happy birthday, M!

He was much more fascinated with that tag than the actual present!