Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fun Run: A good first outing

Well, Starling is declaring that the "inaugural" Fun Run to raise money for orphaned special needs kids in Eastern Europe "went smoothly." Which is to say that attendance was nowhere near what we'd hoped for; chalk it up as a learning experience. However, thanks to the extra generosity of several participants, we raised $622.10. That, plus a substantial gift from our friends in Boston, brings Anthony's adoption fund up to $6,642.10. Not bad. It might even be enough to get him adopted; he now has the second-highest fund (out of two hundred kids) on the Reece's Rainbow website.

We're relieved it's done, since Starling basically got the notion to do this all by herself just about three weeks ago. She did an amazing job, considering she was also holding down a full-time job, creating a grant proposal, and taking care of four kids in the evening. She's already talking about next year! I bought her a Subway sandwich to celebrate afterward. As we talked, I learned a few new things -- like that the one-year survival rate for the kids who end up in the adult mental institutions is about 50 percent, according to Human Rights Watch; Reece's Rainbow, which has been more deeply involved there more recently than HRW, says the one-year death rate is actually higher than that. All the more reason to do it again next year, I suppose.

Here are some pictures:

Mudpuppy getting his feet painted

The kids loved singer-songwriter Amanda Hardy

Starling registering kids

I think there were more volunteers than participants!

Getting ready to run

Mudpuppy on the run -- it was cool and windy!