Friday, October 29, 2010

Mudpuppy on the move

Yes, sorry for the blurry photo, but I had to act quick, since he doesn't stand up on his own for more than a few seconds (note the beanbag behind him for a soft landing!). Still, it's proof of his great progress in the last few weeks. He's able to stand up at furniture and move along it, plus he's able to stand up unassisted for a few seconds at a time. Also, he's really on the verge of crawling; we've seen him move from a sitting to a crawling position several times now. And he also "walked" across the room to fetch a ball he'd thrown -- with assistance, of course, but what's new is that he moved his legs on his own, without prompting. Occasionally on this ten-minute journey, he would even let go of one of my hands on his own.

It may be crazy for us to want him to start moving, but it's time. He'll be happier once he's able to get into mischief on his own, without the aid of his siblings. Yes, we'll have to throw up gates; yes, the Christmas tree will be bare on bottom, but gosh darn it, he'll be a happier kid for it.

If it weren't for all of Mudpuppy's progress in the locomotion department, I was going to name this post, "Here I sit in my messy house," because this morning I spent a good hour just working and playing with him. We played catch with a yellow ball, and falling down (he enjoys falling back on a soft surface), and I pushed him on his swing on the playset outside -- and I taught him to snap. Well, he's got the basic idea, if not the sound. I was snapping my fingers and singing with him and he started moving his fingers in the same way, as if to say, "Hey, how do you make that sound with your hands?" All of that playing in the sun -- even though the house is still trashed. Yes, the laundry was never put away today, but I will savor the memory of playing on the carpet in the sun with little Mudpuppy.

Here's his attempt to snap. As usual, he's totally distracted by the camera once I take it out: