Sunday, May 10, 2009

Why are we living?

During family prayer the other night, B asked, "So -- why are we alive, anyway? Why did God bother to make us?"

Cue the Baltimore Catechism! Actually, we thought it out a little with the older kids: "Well, what do we say God is? God is . . . "


"Uh huh, but we also say that God is . . . "

"King of the Universe!"

"Yeah, but also God is . . . "

Well after a few tries, we finally basically gave it to them: God is love.

"So what does it mean if God is love? What has to happen so God can be love?"

A light comes on for B: "The love has to have something to go into."

High fives. So we played that out for a while longer. One of those rare moments when it all gels.