Sunday, May 03, 2009

J prays

The other night, J -- in her usual assertive manner -- asked to lead the mealtime blessing prayer. We somewhat reluctantly let her (she's always asking), expecting the usual off-topic rambling. To our surprise, she folded her hands nicely and recited a short little prayer, something to the effect of, "God, we thank you for this food that you gave us, and thank you for the people who made it, and please help everyone who is sick to get better. Amen." Both S and I were so stunned (we rarely get such a long, nice prayer out of the older kids) that we just sort of lavished praise on her.

Now everytime there's a prayer to be said -- on the way to school, before a meal, or when an ambulance passes by -- she's on the job. "Now guys," she'll say to her older siblings, all serious, "just listen. This one is going to be the best prayer ever!"