Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spring Round Up

It has been a while since I posted; it is planting season, after all, and I have been spending many of my evening hours in the garden. I also have been dealing with chronic muscle pain all through my torso -- don't feel like sitting in a computer chair for long with that.

Anyway, the kids have been planting as well. M planted a fairy garden the other day; she made a list of "fairy flowers," complere with a sketch of where they would go in the garden. She brought it to the farmer's market, and the master gardeners helped her find things like painted daisy and purple coneflower and cornflowers -- and what else? I forget, offhand.

B grew tomatoes from seed -- a compact beefmaster variety, if I remember correctly. He planted them a couple weeks ago:
The plants are already doing quite well. Twelve came through, and between pots and beds and the compost pile, I think we got them all planted.

The kids recently had "May Display Day" -- sort of a low-key science fair. M did a diorama of a deer. We went for a walk in the woods a few days before her presentation, and we found deer tracks in the mud all over the place. She really enjoyed finding them and looking for more. B did a science experiment demonstrating differences in fluid density. He had three jars, each with a purple grape in it, but in the first jar, the grape fell to the bottom; in the second, it floated on top, and in the third, it floated in the middle. He got the grape to float on top of the liquid by mixing in a lot of sugar, which of course increased the density of the liquid and made the grape float. He got the grape to float in the middle of the other jar by filling it halfway with sugar water, and then very, very carefully adding plain water with an eye dropper (so the sugar water and plain water wouldn't mix). His demonstration was a big hit with the other kids and visiting parents.

And here's a nice shot of the kids at Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis; we had a nice excursion there while visiting my parents. The next day, we also had a nice visit to the Como Zoo.

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