Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Baby Faith Hope

As we prepare to go to the clinic for the baby's ultrasound tomorrow (!), here is a blog I'd highly recommend:


Here's what it's about:

When I was 19 weeks pregnant, I was told that my baby had no brain. This condition is known as "anencephaly." I was told that my baby was only alive because she was attached to me, but that she couldn't survive on her own. The doctor said that I could continue the pregnancy safely, but that my baby would die shortly after being born. Or I could choose to terminate the pregnancy then, which would mean being induced at 20 weeks and letting my baby die without ever seeing or holding her (I don't even want to know what they do with babies in this case). Well, to some people this would be a difficult decision, but it wasn't for me. I knew there was nothing to gain by terminating the pregnancy and I already loved my daughter more than anyone else in the world. Even if she was unconscious like the doctors said and lived for only a few seconds or minutes --even if she was stillborn --it was worth it to me. And so we began our journey...

Today, as I type this, Faith is 10 weeks old (+ 1 day) and thriving! She is totally conscious and is as responsive as any "normal" baby. She is very sensitive to touch (especially when it's cold!) and can definitely hear. She smiles, cooes, cries, and is a feisty little girl ;) She knows what she likes and dislikes and she'll let you know --she has her own little personality that we just can't get enough of. We have been shocked by her development... from day 1 she was smiling and saying baby words ("boo" "gee" "happen"... yeah). She could lift her own head from birth and when she sat up on her own at 5 days old, needless to say, we were amazed :)

Now... because Faith was clearly conscious and doing very well, a CAT scan was ordered to make sure her diagnosis was correct. A neuro-surgeon, radiologist, and neuro-radio-interventionologist reviewed the photos and all agreed that, amazingly, Faith did in fact have anencephaly. They have no explanation as to how Faith is even alive and breathing, let alone functioning on a conscious level! There are just some things doctors can't explain ;)