Friday, May 01, 2009

It's spring! It's spring!

J does nothing in half-measures. After a long, long, long winter (you know it was long because she was saying, "I think that's enough snow for me now" back in January), J is welcoming spring with gusto, at the top of her lungs. She will come running up to me with the latest report: "I saw an ant! I saw one! It went down into its hole, and another one came out!" She has also been awed by the branches of our bushes and trees leafing out in the past week or two. "Look, Dad! Look what's happening to those sticks! They're getting green bumps on them!" And then a few days later: "I see leaves! I see leaves coming out of those buds!" (I had explained that the "bumps" were buds.) She was equally impressed when I explained that some of the bufs would become flowers that would produce apples. It's like she's "seeing" spring for the first time.
God, grant us all "eyes to see" Your springtime, in all its many forms.

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Oh yeah, and she also has enjoyed trying out all sorts of other springtime activities as well, from danelion collecting to kite-flying. Just the other day, M and B brought May baskets home from school, collected a bunch of dandelions, and left the baskets-cum-dandelions on the neighbor's porch. Sadly, she didn't find them for several days, and then only after I pointed them out to her; she'd been wondering why she had dead dandelions on her lawn, especially since she has it treated.