Friday, April 03, 2009

Kids' report cards

Well, report cards came today. Here they are:

B has been doing a wonderful job this quarter. He continues to improve on his writing skills and spelling. B continues to amaze me on his drive to learn and study many different topics ranging from field mice to the solar system. Keep up the hard work, B!

M is learning about grammar and math. She has a curious nature and loves to research. Her writing skills are exceptional and are an insight to her mind because she is extremely quiet. She has a tendency to wander the halls and we have been emphasizing the importance of getting to class on time. She loves to work with her friends and this leads to socialization. We've conferenced recently and are already seeing effort at improving this. Keep up the great work Maria!
J does not have report cards, but I can report that she is learning how to write her letters and numbers, and is practicing her phonetics and sounding words out. She knows how to break words down into syllables and is proud of her "writing." She enjoys school much more now that she has gotten through her "developmental leap" -- a whole bunch of areas have really come into new focus for her, from socialization to language. She asks the teacher to give her a presentation on a new work every day, and she has made a special effort to befriend the new girl in class.

Another thought on M: I've seen -- and heard from others who've seen this -- how she teases the boys and gets them to chase her all over the playground. What a flirt!

Here is the link to M's classroom web page: -- you have to click on the newsletter tab to get current info.

Here is the link to B's classroom web page: