Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stories by the kids

Well, Day #5 of the kids' spring break saw me break down and invite over some of their friends -- four of them, to be exact -- for a morning playdate followed by lunch. I must have been insane. Other than a tremendous mess, however, things went off fairly well. J is very persistent in demanding playdates these days, so it made her happy to have three other girls to play with for the morning. (B got to play with the visiting girls' brother.)

No pictures of that, sadly; I was too busy fending off the chaos. However, later in the day the kids sat down at the computer to write stories. Here they are, in order from youngest to oldest.

J's story
(dictated to S):

There was a girl named Leah.
She loved to dance in a beautiful dancing dress.
And she had a baby named Dinda.
She used to sing her a song: Dinda, O Dinda.
And she wishes that she was a fairy.


M's story
(M and her friends at school have an "Ant Club" that has been the subject of more than one story):

Ant should be a famous word! There is no reason to harm them. I am writing this because I, Maria Francesca am in the Ant club. Being in the Ant club is LOTS of work. It require,s…(Un) Tag, and ,,HELPING ants.(Can You believe it!) Maybe you will Become a ant lover someday.

B's story
(It is worth noting here that B just saw Star Wars for the first time last weekend, and he is totally enthralled. "It's kind of like Star Wars," he says of his story.):

Get in ships! Get in ships! Get ready to attack! The sirens flared. John got in his cruiser. H1…here H2…we’re ready to attack. Go! John’s engine roared then he saw it. He fired! It hit the beamer off track. Then he used super laser! Then the beamer blew up. But he kept on going. He was going to meet his master chow on Ung. The star\planet. Then they would practice Ick with Yoan (sounds like yone) a Yoan looks like this when expanded:


When he landed on Ung he didn’t see chow. Then he used the Aban to find him when he got there he saw a bad guy then John expanded his Yoan and him. After he noticed it was the guy that tried to attack Ityl (it-ee-l) the planet he lived on now.