Monday, April 06, 2009

M is still sick

M is still very sick. She has been bed-ridden (or couch-ridden) since Thursday. I took her into the hospital on the advice of our pediatrician Saturday night; they kept her for a few hours, giving her anti-nausea medicine and popsicles to rehydrate her. She enjoyed watching tv and getting lots of attention from the friendly nurse. Then Sunday she lay around all day, not even wanting to read. I kept thinking she must be incredibly bored, but apparently she's too sick to even be that bored. She did finish watching Mr. Magoriun's Wonder Emporium that evening.

We thought she was turning the corner, but then she had a really bad episode of diahrrea in bed last night -- so she's back on popsicles, lying on the downstairs couch.

I guess since this is called "GraceWatch" I ought to find some element of grace in all this. I suppose one aspect of grace would be the realization that, as a parent, you would gladly trade places with your child in order to spare them their suffering. And that's what we celebrate this week, Holy Week.