Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sunday afternoon tea party

We celebrated the Feast of the Epiphany with a lazy Sunday afternoon. M and J created a cafe in their bedroom using an old table and a plastic tea set that J got for Christmas. S and I were the first customers. We chose from a customized "Menu for grownups." Lunch was cheap (11 cents!), although the food was somewhat plastic-tasting.

B, meanwhile, did some real cooking, making a pizza from scratch. He even lit the candle on the dinner table. He was very proud of his accomplishment -- the best pizza ever, he says. We got the pizza recipe from Farmgirl Fare.

The kids celebrated Epiphany by trying to pronounce it three times fast and by marching around the living room while we sang. "We Three Kings," ending, of course, at the manger scene. For a while we could only find two of the kings, so it was, "We two kings of orient are..." but then M found the other king hiding behind the manger. I can imagine the scene now:

Kings 1 and 2: We just spent three months trekking across the desert, braving sandstorms, thirst, bandits, and belching camels, and you're already here? How'd you get here so fast?

King 3: Southwest was running a special.

A few days ago we constructed a gingerbread house from a kit we got from relatives. The kids enjoyed putting it together (picture below), especially putting the candy on. "That's one for the house, one for me, one for the house, one for me."