Sunday, January 18, 2009

A busy Sunday

So today, I got up early (7:39, which qualifies as early for a Sunday in my world) in order to walk a couple miles to church, where I helped present our parish's new approach to faith formation to the family faith formation group. (They were largely receptive and engaged in the idea of family-based faith formation.) Then we had Mass with the new bishop -- a really warm, genial, pastoral guy. The excellent young adult choir sang (shout out to Laurie Z. and her kids), which meant that Mass went an hour and a half.

Then I dropped S off at our friendly, local Catholic Worker house, where she helped facilitate a big community-wide meeting on the future of the house, which is now somewhat understaffed. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I fed the kids lunch and made a cake for our neighbor's birthday. Loaded the kids into the car, went over to the CW for the last part of the meeting, picked up S and came home. Frosted the birthday cake (which morphed into cupcakes) with the girls. They got to put candy sprinkles on top. Sounds like fun, but J kept bursting into tears and going nuclear at the slightest provocation (e.g., a sprinkle fell off a cupcake). Then I set up B with his remote-controlled car

Our neighbor came over, we celebrated her birthday, and then rounded the kids up for bed. I did family catechesis with the older kids. We are working our way through the Nicene Creed. We are up to "I believe in one Lord, Jesus Christ, the only Son of God." We were discussing the meaning of the words "Jesus" (=Hebrew for "God saves") and "Christ" (= Greek for "the Anointed One."). So B, of course, puts them together and concludes: "So Jesus Christ translates into "God saves the anointed one?" Well, you can't blame him, can you?

Now we're off to watch a fun movie with B before collapsing into bed. When's the day of rest???