Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Things Mudpuppy can do now

1. Eat strawberries on the front steps!

2. Say "car" and "down" and "more" and "please" and "outside" (the last two not so well that anyone else would recognize it)!

3. Climb up steps, and back down again!

4. Get bread out of the oven! (We don't let him, but when he hears the timer beep, he toddles into the kitchen, grabs the oven mitts, and peers into the oven door.)

5. Go to sleep by himself!

6. Give hugs and kisses!

7. Unload a grocery cart, clapping after each item lands with a thump!

8. Walk confidently through a store, all by himself!

9. Get into a line with his classmates when the bell rings!

10. Pretend to read while turning pages in a book!

11. Use the toilet by himself!

(One of these things isn't true...can you guess which one???)