Monday, June 20, 2011

Bear writes for Gracewatch!

Hello, this is Bear. Mudpuppy has found a sudden spurt in his way of talking. One of his favorite words (as of now) is okay. A conversation would go like this: “Mudpuppy, do you want to swing?” “Swing!” “Say up, mudpuppy!” “Up!” “If you want swing say okay!” “Okay!” “Okay, swing!” (End) If you would say okay to him, then he would say it after you, quite clearly.

Another thing is that Jaybird and I have enlisted in the summer library program. Jaybird is still in level 1, but I am in level 3. We have only been to the library 2 times as of now, so that’s why I haven’t passed already. Mouse hasn’t signed up for the summer library program, sadly.

(Good using the fake names, Bear!)