Sunday, January 09, 2011

A bit of a rough day

It has been a bit of a rough day here, with both me and Mudpuppy sick. I spent much of the day in bed or dozing with a bad cold -- or maybe it's the flu? It's not so much sneezing and stuff, more achy-ness and tiredness.

Anyway, Mudpuppy got the worst of it with a short-lived stomach flu. He threw up twice, and spent most of the day trembling and/or crying. Very unusual for him, poor thing.

Before he got sick, though, we went to church, where he was his normal cheerful self. I know I'm always saying this, but it keeps happening . . . after church, we had a woman come up to us a detail everything Mudpuppy had been doing. I tell you, we have got to stop sitting near the front -- this smiley kid is distracting half the church, apparently! After the Dec. 26 Mass, a woman came up to us and said, "My kids visited over Christmas with their eight grandchildren, and I had to tell them sorry, but that's the cutest baby I've ever seen." Meaning Mudpuppy, of course.