Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mudpuppy update

Well, Mudpuppy continues to say "goo," as demonstrated in this action-packed video. Actually, it's not so action packed. I've been trying all week to get good video of him smiling and laughing, but every time I take out the camera, he gets real quiet and just stares at it. I guess that's not surprising -- it has a light on it when it's recording, after all.

It has been a joy to have a baby in the house again, even if he does continue to buck the bottle. We made a big push to get him to take the bottle, though -- basically offering him nothing but the bottle consistently from 8:00 to 4:30, and it seems to have helped.

He's also manipulating things much more with his hands--if a blanket is on him, he picks it up and looks at it (and looks at himself holding it with some amazement--wow, I did that!).

He's a cutie, all right!