Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ice Skating 2010

After several weeks of very cold weather, the temperature finally got up to just below freezing today, so this afternoon we dug the kids' ice skates out of a very messy storage closet and took them for a spin. Mouse is much improved from last year; she made the leap from basically just walking on the skates to actually gliding on them. Bear fell a lot, mostly because he's pushing the envelope a little more than he had been. And Jaybird went solo for the first time. She fell a lot -- including once on her bottom hard enough to make her bawl -- but she kept getting back up and trying it again. I held her hand for a while, but she said, "I've held your hand for long enough, Daddy. I need to try it myself, even if I fall, because that's the only way I will learn."