Friday, February 24, 2012

Bear gives a homily, Mouse gives him lip

We had an interesting family prayer time tonight.

Jackrabbit was gone so it was me and the kids.  We read the gospel for the day, which is what we typically do, and then I got ready to do a short discussion about it.  The gospel was Matthew 9:14-15.  But Bear piped up and said "I want to do a homily, you know, for practice in case I become a pastor."  Well, hard to say no to that, so I nodded and he stood up before us.

First off, I have to say, I've heard worse.  :)  But it was also funny, primarily because Mouse was being a cut-up that she never would have done in the church itself.  But Bear opened that door.  Well, me too.

He made two points (with much earnest hand motioning throughout).  First: the reason we fast during Lent is that we are waiting for the resurrection.  The wedding feast, he said, is like Easter.  And who fasts on Easter?  Jesus is with you then, in a new way.  So: you fast during Lent.  Then Easter comes and ... drum roll... it's like a second Mardi Gras!  (and he begins dancing in place)

As Mouse and I laugh, I say, Bear, they're going to throw you out of seminary if you try that one.  Which caused Bear to fall on the ground laughing.

Bear tried to compose himself and continue the homily's second point, about how to fast and how not to fast.  When you're fasting from chocolate, he said sagely, don't go into Chocolate World.

Mouse: Chocolate World?
Bear:  Yeah, it's a store.  (Mudpup in background: Choc-o-late!  Choc-o-late!)
Mouse: Well, there's nothing wrong with going INTO the store.
Bear: Well, true, but you want to avoid the temptation.  If you really want to avoid the chocolate, you don't want to go near things that make you want to give in.  Especially when you're older and you know there is a dark chocolate aisle there.  (Mudpup: Choc-o-late Mama!  Choc-o-late Bear!  Choc-o-late Mouse!)
Starling: Yo, Mouse.  Most parishioners don't talk back to the priest when he's doing the homily.
Mouse: I would if Bear were my pastor.
Bear: You're totally not coming to my church, Mouse.

(If you're wondering where Jaybird was, she was having a bad night.)
(They were also much more serious about intentions afterwards.  It was just a funny few moments.)

Bear usually says he wants to be a computer person of some sort.  But it was fun to see him "try this out."