Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mudpuppy's birthday!

Mudpuppy had a great birthday last Friday! Of course, he was mostly oblivious to what was going on, but everyone enjoyed the festivities on his behalf. Starling came home from work early, and then we all went on a walk in the bluffs--the fall has been gorgeous, very unlike what the weather was two years ago after bringing the baby home.

Mudpuppy is ALMOST big enough to keep up on these long walks...he still
gets to be carried part of the way, though!

C'mon, give us that famous smile! Okay, a smirk will have to do.

He tolerated the Birthday Hat, unlike his older sibs, but didn't want to blow out
the candle!

Mudpuppy needs no persuasion in the chocolate cake dept.

Among his favorite gifts: One of those push-popper things
(the kind with the annoying balls that pop around in a bubble),
this little racetrack, some nesting boxes, and a wood puzzle.

Stacking the nesting boxes is fun--but not as much as knocking
them down!