Sunday, October 23, 2011

Barn dance

So, the Winona Catholic Worker held a barn dance as a fundraiser last night...we had only light turnout, but the people who came had a great time. Perhaps none more than Mouse, however, who had an absolute blast. Here are excerpts from just one dance:

She had so much fun, she'd like to go again. I danced several dances with her (Starling was home with a fever, watching Mudpuppy) -- and she was smiling like this the whole time.

We were lucky to have great live music. These sorts of old-fashioned dances are so much fun, partly because everyone gets to participate. Jaybird came, too, and danced off to the side with a friend her age (they also ran around the church hall and ate bags and bags of popcorn). Bear came along, reluctantly, and found a friend from school; they sat talking on the sidelines until I harassed him into joining a circle dance. I think he may have enjoyed it -- but only secretly!